ACT Review


Know What to Expect

Any exam is difficult if you don't know what to expect. Studying the test format and completing multiple practice tests will go a long way toward preparing you for exam day.

Refresh Your Memory

The ACT covers years' worth of curriculum, and you may have forgotten some key material. Our skill review will refresh your memory for each exam section, focusing on the most frequently tested concepts.

Master Your Nerves

Most people feel anxious when being tested, which can have a negative impact on their score. We'll help you recognize the signs of anxiety and share techniques to manage your nerves.


Exams are expensive. Why invest your money to take the ACT and then not prepare for the big day? Our ACT Prep Course is affordable when compared to other options.

Improve Your Score!

You could try it alone, but why take the chance? When it comes down to it, you want to improve your score and maximize your chances of getting into the college of your choice. A higher ACT score can open up more options for your future! Even if your test score is high enough for college admission, a few more points may put you in the running for higher level scholarships. ACT Prep Courses help you improve your performance on one of the most important tests you'll ever take. You're more likely to get admitted into the college of your dreams if your ACT score is above average. Simply, scoring well on the ACT test increases your opportunities to get a quality education offset by scholarships offers.

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The ACT Test Prep Classes offered include ACT Language, ACT Math, ACT Science or the ACT Complete Review to fully prepare you for the exam.

What Students and Parents Say About AUM’s ACT Review

"I liked the atmosphere of the program. When I walked in the building everyone was very helpful in showing me where I was supposed to go. My instructor helped our group with any questions we had about the material. She also was very excited that we were there and was ready to help us." -Jerry Howard

"My daughter took the ACT Math Review and thought it was awesome. She said the teacher went through many questions and explained them." - Anonymous

"Our family is doing a bit of celebrating tonight as Mark was able to raise his ACT score 3 points. He had been hovering at the 27 mark for his last two tries and came in at a whopping 30 on his last. Would you kindly accept my appreciation, and pass along to the others responsible for the class also.” - Bart Lassiter

"My daughter, Abigail, an honor student at Saint James High School was down on herself after taking the ACT. She had one on one tutoring after her fist try which improved her score 2 points. This was not enough for her so we decided to try the AUM  continuing education 3 week ACT Review class. This class helped her so much that her her overall score went up 5 points! Her sub scores improved from 4-7 points each. The program not only helped her improve but gave her the confidence she needed to tackle this test. She now has scholarship money to major universities. We are so glad we encouraged her to try this course! Thanks again!!" - Robin Greenberg